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Daphne Lee Artistic legacy award

Founded in 2019, the Daphne Lee Artistic Legacy Award was established out of the lack of scholarships to women of color pursuing performing arts majors in colleges and universities. Many of the scholarships and grants given to students cater in the fields of science, medicine, sports and education. As an arts advocate, Lee seeks to have more of a balance in the world of performing arts creatives, believing that the world can heal more through arts.

With the price of university degrees and student debt on the rise, Daphne is committed to arts advocacy by helping minorities thrive in performing arts communities from dance, to vocal arts, music, drama and beyond.

Daphne believes the art world enhances people to connect, share, engage, and become more open minded to make the world a better place through a conscious and global perspective. 

The mission of this scholarship to not only help alleviate the high costs of education but to encourage more people to pursue the arts leading to full time careers. Also to assist full-time artists in their endeavors.

Please consider making a donation to the Daphne Lee Scholarship fund to keep this mission alive for the next generation of performing arts creatives. 

Past Recipients

Sydney Guine ads.jpg

Sydney Guine

Sydney Shiotani Scholarship Photo.jpg

Sydney Shiotani

brooke terry.jpg

Brooke Terry

Bri norwood.jpg

Brianna Norwood

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