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Daphne is able to construct workshops to help mentor and prepare dancers for the industry. Workshops include educating dancers and non-dancers about the necessary education and tools to be sucessful in the industy.


MASTERCLASSES/ Private Lessons

Daphne has tought over 100 master classes throughout the USA and internationally in Germany. Classes range from Classical ballet, to contemporary, musical theatre and more. Private lessons are on a case by case basis.



Have Daphne perform at your next event. All styles, themes and techniques.



Any photgraphers interested in having Daphne at your next shoot. From fashion to artisitc shots, simply shoot her a message.



Daphne has judged anything and everything from Pageants to competitions. Request Daphne for your next event.



Daphne is here to mentor, inspire and educate. Making appearances will enahnce any event from the arts, to education, and inbetween.

Pointe Shoe Decorating

Daphne signs and autographs pointe shoes to be sold as gifts to young aspiring dancers. Purchase your custom order today





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